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OSAE Media Kit 2020Executive News is published monthly by the Ohio Society of Association Executives. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or position of OSAE. The member subscription rate is $12, which is included in the annual dues. Editorial contributions to any area of association management are welcome. Articles accepted for publication are subject to editing by our organization. Article submissions should be sent to Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE via email

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Spring 2020

OSAE Executive News Spring 2020 Cover

Meeting Planning: Learning how to adapt traditional methods in the age of COVID-19

Winter 2019

OSAE Executive News Winter 2019

Tech Trends: Understanding the benefits and uses of digital tools

Fall 2019

Executives News Fall 2019 Cover

Membership: Ticking Off the Right Boxes

Summer 2019

OSAE Executive News Summer 2019 Cover

OSAE 2019 Annual Conference: Unlock Your Potential at OSAE's Premier Educational Event

Spring 2019

Executive News Spring 2019 Cover

Communications: Proper Outreach Is Critical For Your Organization's Success

Winter 2018

OSAE Executive News Winter 2018

Technology, Trends & AI: Overcoming Small Budgets & Embracing Innovation

Fall 2018

OSAE Executive News Fall 2018

Advocacy: Being a Voice For Your Members

Summer 2018

OSAE Executive News Spring 2018

Unlock Your Professional Potential: Attend the 2018 Annual Conference July 25-27 in Cleveland

Spring 2018

OSAE Executive News Spring 2018

Break Through The Clutter: How to tear down your members' avoidance barriers and become a "necessary resource."

November - December 2017

Executive News

Avoid the Shock: Heat up your communications strategy to ensure a crisis doesn't leave your association out in the cold

September - October 2017

Executive News

Leaders Rebound & Soar: Even the most seasoned professionals have suffered missteps. It's the ability to rebound that's paramount.

July - August 2017

Executive News

Overcoming Challenges and Hitting Your Mark: How to succeed when even the most targeted meeting plans go awry

May - June 2017

Executive News

Hit the Sweet Spot - Taste success! Attend the 2017 Annual Conference July 19-21 in Butler County

March - April 2017

Executive News

Don't be a Pawn - Become skilled at the game of advocacy by mastering simple strategies



January - February 2017

Executive News

Building the Best Membership Experience -  Ensure your association's membership benefits stack up

November - December 2016

Executive News

Make Sure Your Message is Heard 

September - October 2016

Executive News

Move Forward - Planning is as important as the floor plan

July - August 2016

Executive News

Brush for Success - Rebranding can freshen your events like a new coat of paint