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Why Millennial Women are Turning to Facebook Groups for Career Advice

Many feel other platforms are just places 'to flex'

Nicole Krensky believes she would not have her job as a product marketing director without a simple piece of advice she found lurking in a lifestyle Facebook group: Asking at the end of an interview, "Is there anything about my experience or our conversation that gives you pause in considering my candidacy?"

The 35-year-old stumbled upon the question while perusing career advice posts in the group during her job search last year. The commenter who suggested it said it allowed you to address any issues on the spot, Krensky said. Inspired, she tested it out.

As she tells it, the hiring manager expressed concern about her lack of management experience, so she connected him with her mentee and workers she informally managed. "I never would have thought to suggest those references without asking the question," she said.

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