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‘Panic’ Over 100 Percent Wine Tariff Threat in U.S.

Biggest threat to wine industry since Prohibition

U.S. wine retailers, importers and distributors have rallied to the cause of protecting their sector from import tariffs of up to 100 percent on a range of European wines, from Champagne to the châteaux of Bordeaux and the vineyards of Piedmont.

‘The proposed tariffs would be the greatest threat to the wine industry since Prohibition in 1919,’ said Benjamin Aneff, managing partner of New York-based Tribeca Wine Merchants, at a government hearing in Washington DC last week.

That 7 January hearing was convened by the office of the US Trade Represenative (USTR) around proposed retaliation for France’s digital services tax, potentially involving tariffs on French sparkling wines at ‘up to 100 percent."

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