Public Relations and Awareness Manager

National Ground Water Association

NGWA Public Relations and Awareness Manager leads NGWA’s efforts to track down and effectively communicate news and information about groundwater, the groundwater industry, and how NGWA is carrying out its mission, vision, and goals.

The Manager leads NGWA’s public relations initiatives to increase the visibility of NGWA locally, nationally, and internationally as the authoritative leader and source on groundwater-related topics.

The Manager leads NGWA's strategic outreach to the public to support a positive view of NGWA and its members, raise awareness of groundwater resources, and further the interests of the membership who want to sustain or grow their business and/or personal interests related to the public’s grasp of sound science related to groundwater provision, protection, management, and remediation.

The Manager is an integral part of NGWA’s internal communications team. This independent leadership group, consisting of NGWA’s news, marketing, public awareness, and public relations professionals, works together to ensure all NGWA’s communications are delivered to the correct audience, using the proper vehicle, to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Full job description is available on request.

Please send cover letter and resume to attention of NGWA's HR Department at

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